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Mind Management Coaching Gave me back control of my Life

Do not suffer in silence….. I am finding it difficult to put into words how grateful and relieved I am to have found monkey mind relaxation. Cuddy has picked me up from rock bottom and given me the strength to put me back on my feet and face the future with a whole new perspective, instilling confidence, excitement and most of all a smile on my face. Cuddy’s expertise and approach has worked miracles for me. His personal experience and understanding allowed me to realise I wasn’t alone and delivered his programme to perfection with his robustness, sometimes no nonsense approach (when he knew I needed it!) but most of all his friendliness and continual support. I continue to practice the valuable techniques and lessons from the programme and they are all having a positive impact on every aspect of my life, business, personal and especially family life.

I am forever grateful and highly recommend

Gareth, 44
Company Director & Father / Alpha Plus

Ive struggled for 2 years, not any more thanks to Monkey Mind Relaxation Coaching

The last two years have been difficult for me and I struggled with Anxiety and Depression, so much with the things that struck me down hard, I had struggled with not having life purpose and meaning of life. Cuddy helped me with his special way of connecting, he uses his individual approach and asks really good questions which sometimes WOW me - how the hell he nailed it like that!!? 🙂 What I liked the most about our sessions is that he breaks things down and makes you work on yourself, gives tools that YOU realize things on your own, YOU put effort and YOU see change on yourself. I strongly recommend this warm, friendly gentleman to guide you through your challenges. Zorana, Croatia.


I took back control of my life and My Monkey Mind! no more Anxiety or Depression for me.

Back in March, I joined up to the positive Mindset course.  Having suffered with anxiety, panic attacks, depression etc for 20+ years something had to change.  I’d tried other therapists/therapy in the past but to no avail, then I crossed paths with Cuddy and it was the best thing that could of happened. The initial course got me on the right track where I was beginning to make progress, so much so I decided to upgrade to the next package. Cuddy has a way of connecting with you and breaking down the mechanics of the monkey mind into a language you can identify with.    I loved working one to one with Cuddy, at no time did I feel silly or ashamed.  He is non judgemental and puts you totally at ease in a warm and friendly, yet Professional manner.  Cuddy gently probes and helps you to breakdown and challenge those negative, sometimes intrusive thoughts.  As a result, I am more self aware now, I have tools to help myself and slowly but surely I’m going in the right direction.   If you are struggling,  I cannot recommend this course or Cuddy enough, if you really want to make those changes, just go for it, I did!

Personal Assistant / Southampton

Monkey Mind Coaching raised my Self worth and Confidence very Quickly!

To say that Cuddy and Monkey Mind Coaching helped me is an understatement. Cuddy’s natural ability to see the path to make your life better is a gift. He lifts the veil of self criticism, self loathing and self confidence that you are struggling with and sets you on the path of loving and believing in yourself, with helpful tools to use in everyday life. Cuddy uses his own life tools and his unwavering kindness to guide you through your darkness and embrace the life you deserve to lead. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cuddy to anyone who wants to change their mindset to make their own life the best it can possibly be x

Entertainer / London

Stress and my Psoriasis is now Zero thanks to Monkey Mind Relaxation Mindset Course

I first met Cuddy on a cruise my wife said he is running a monkey mind meditation thingymebob. Me forever the sceptical person was don't believe in stuff like that blah blah blah blah. But she talked me into going to the first one. Well within 5 minutes of being in the theatre I was thinking this is me. It was like he was in my head I attended all 4 on that cruise and started to follow him on Facebook.
When I saw he was doing a course for mindfulness I jumped at joining and as per cruise Cuddy delivered 100% . I had unfortunately fallen back into not so much dark ways but grumpy (well that's what I'm told I was??). So after the first week I thought yes this is exactly what I needed I suffer with psoriasis and it was really aggravated at this point but with Cuddy's help and the way he helped you though the meetings my psoriasis has now all but gone. During the 4 week course he gave you pointers on how to stop negative thoughts and turn them positive. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels like they need a change of outlook it really opened my eyes
Thanks Cuddy you are a star?

Keith Endecot
Self Employed / Birmingham

Cant Thank Monkey Mind Relaxation Coaching Enough

To say that Cuddy and Monkey Mind Relaxation Coaching helped me is an understatement. Cuddy’s natural ability to see the path to make your life better is a gift. He lifts the veil of self criticism, self loathing and self confidence that you are struggling with and sets you on the path of loving and believing in yourself, with helpful tools to use in everyday life. Cuddy uses his own life tools and his unwavering kindness to guide you through your darkness and embrace the life you deserve to lead. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cuddy to anyone who wants to change their mindset to make their own life the best it can possibly be x

Entertainer / London

Monkey Mind Relaxation gave me the tools to change my thinking

I have just finished the positive mind-set course and I also upgraded to the full VIP package from Monkey Mind Relaxation Positive Mind-Set Coaching with Cuddy Cudworth. Cuddy has a great way of gaining rapport and creating a comfortable environment for course attendees. This enabled me to open up and really understand some of the thinking and mental health struggles I have been having recently I’m a proud father, husband and CEO and some days it gets difficult trying to be something for everyone. With the support I received from Cuddy I can now see how my thinking was effecting my daily life. I’m now more focused on being the best version of myself and I am able to get up every morning with a clear mind and positive outlook. Cuddy asked the right questions to get me thinking about my emotions. With his guidance I changed my perspective and I now have a more positive approach to my own thinking process. I am less tired and feel better equipped to deal with the challenges of each day. I would definitely encourage anyone who is considering this course to do it!  The value I got from the VIP package was outstanding - the course was very affordable, enjoyable and well organised. I can honestly say I’m a much happier person thanks to this course and Cuddy.  


still a work in progress but i know i can do it now.

Thank you for your time energy and positivity. It has been a couple of weeks since i took part on the course. Thanks to my fellow partners on the Course too for their Honesty and Openness in finding our ways through. Cuddy is a Very Honest, knowledgeable, patient, down ro earth Caring Gentleman with Bags full of Enthusiasm, and a Beautiful nature. I am still very much a work in progress but seeds have been planted and are growing. I have No hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is troubled by " life Stuff". Dont keep it all inside!!!!

Salesman / Leeds

Positive Mindset Course Not only made me happy my wife is happier too!

I would highly recommend taking Cuddy’s positive mindset course. I have struggled with Anger and anxiety issues my whole life. With his course you will learn the tools to help you live a better life. I now smile more, sleep better and am able to turn my day around when my Monkey Mind tries to take over. My wife is happy also !!


I took back control of my Monkey Mind

I’ve not long finished the positive mindset course run by Cuddy Cudworth. I was a bit unsure at first as I’d never really done anything like that before and it would be fair to say I was a little sceptical. I needn’t have been. The course was informative, fun and it got me talking about things that perhaps I hadn’t focused on before. When I took a step back and “snapped the band”, I was able to do so with a newfound clarity of thought. Get in touch with Cuddy and take control of your monkey! ??

Ross James mcknight
Entertainer / Glasgow

Best Thing I did for me and my Anxiety and Depression

Having suffered for so long with anxiety & depression and the havoc it wreaks on me both mentally and emotionally, I’d reached a point where I knew I had to do something.   I’d seen Cuddy’s class before whilst on a cruise and the way in which he explained the antics of the Monkey Mind, he could of been talking about me!   I decided to book the 4 week positive mindset course with Cuddy and it was the best decision I had made in a long time.   I was extremely nervous as I don't like to step out of my comfort zone but I needn’t have worried.  Cuddy is warm, friendly and speaks from experience, which I particularly liked. He is also extremely good at breaking things down and helping you to challenge and look at things in a different way.    Since the course, I am a lot more aware of my thought processes and “catching the pendulum”.   I have been putting into practice some of the techniques we discussed and I am slowly beginning to think differently and I’m liking how that makes me feel.    I’m actually quite proud of myself for taking the step I did and I would recommend this course for anyone that is struggling, you honestly won’t regret it.  Huge thanks to you Cuddy,

Personal Assistant / Southampton

Only One session got me back on track, Thank you

I really enjoyed my time using Cuddy's Knowledge, my thoughts were completely overwhelming and stretching in so many different directions and with so many wrong answers in my head.   I left feeling reassured that there was no evidence as to why I would think I wasn’t good enough for any part of my life when in fact that wasn’t true and it was just my thoughts and anxiety.     Cuddy asked some really good questions that would allow me to rethink how I was seeing things and also helped me realise that talking is definitely a great tool.   Thank you so much, everything is still going really well, I am taking time for me, trying my best not to work too much and know now that I don’t need to do everything.

Operations Manager / Glasgow

If you are struggling with anxiety, negative thoughts going at the pace of a high speed train and feeling low in confidence. working with Cuddy will help.

I finished my four counselling sessions with him last Monday and can honestly say he has helped me to understand my negative thoughts so much more.
He also helped me to realise they are controllable and not worthy of being afraid of them. Incidentally,  I have put up with these thoughts for most of my life.
He is a great listener, non judgemental, empathetic and very down to earth. I felt like I was talking to an equal not some professional who was better than myself and also more like talking with a knowledgeable friend.
If you are struggling with anxiety, negative thoughts going at the pace of a high speed train and feeling low in confidence and self worth I can honestly recommend this man. If you are .
I can honestly recommend this man.
I'm still working on the tools and ideas he gave me but feel so much more in charge of my own thoughts than before and shall continue using his methods to help me along the path to rid myself of this constant negative chatter.
Thank you Cuddy for all your help and if I ever feel the need to seek your help again I shall be back.
I cannot speak too highly of him.
Give him a try and give yourself the break you deserve. He's worth it.

Supermarket checkout Assistant

I enjoyed the Positive mindset course so much it was a fun way to learn about me and why I do the things I do!

The positive mindset course is a must for everyone who wants or needs to develop a more positive optimistic outlook on life. You will learn many tips and strategies that will help you overcome or at least address some of the problems or difficulties that are presently in your life. Cuddy the host is approachable and NON judgemental. The sessions are fun.

Teacher / London

I loved the Monkey Mind Positive Mindset course. Its helped me through Lockdown, the best investment in me for your Money!

I took away a better understanding of the overriding control the emotional mind has on us & the tools to be able to keep a check on it, I wish I could have discovered this many years ago,  rather than struggling through until now. I am able to enjoy the positives so much more now, still have huff n puff, but not allow it go on all day. As I said,  I have a disabled wife who has been shielding on/off for a year now, the last thing she needs is me coming home & ranting all night. My purpose is to bring joy to her limited lifestyle.

Kitchen Designer / Isle of Wight

The Course was invaluable for me with the challenges i’m facing

I have tried to not to have expectations of others only myself, however still trying to please others and wanting to see others happy thinking it would make me feel happy as well. Trying to get someone to seek help and support for their mental health and well being hasn’t helped them or my mental health or well being, as they don’t think they have problems. I had become unhappy and I would often say I would get some help and support for myself, where do you go I thought? Anyway on the monkey mind group Cuddy put up an advert for the mindset coaching course. I completed the course for Jan 2021, all via zoom. So glad I did, it has helped me to like me and not to feel guilty when saying no, focus on positive things, not to be judgemental. I now feel in control of my own future happiness, Cuddy has given me the tools on how to do this. Setting goals, getting out of my comfort zone are some of the things I need to do to get my true happiness. Having a one to one session was excellent.

Stoma Care Nurse / NHS

Positive Mindset Monthly Course was the best investment in me Possible

Approaching a significant time in my life where difficult decisions were to be made, my lack of self-confidence and previously diagnosed anxiety were stifling my ability to rationalise my thinking in making important decisions. Appreciating the need to understand the workings of my own mind and 'clear the clouds' I approached Cuddy having taken part in his Monkey Mind Meditation sessions for several months. I made the decision to enrol in the Positive Mindset Coaching Course and it's probably one of the best decisions I made. The four-week programme was excellent, the content was detailed but easy to understand and delivered perfectly to the small mixed group attending online. The course has provided me with clarity, peace of mind and a far greater ability to deal with the questions I have to ask myself. It's allowed me the opportunity to look at myself, my behaviours and better understand why we make the decisions in life we do. If you're suffering a lack of self-confidence, negative thoughts or anything that's clouding your judgement or behaviour I would certainly consider enrolling yourself on this four-week course. I started week one with four strangers and finished week four with four good friends.

Police detective / Police Force

Ive struggled for 5 years, not anymore thanks to Monkey Mind Relaxation Coaching

After Struggling with overthinking and irrational thoughts which has caused me sleepless nights for nearly 5 years I eventually found help…… First of all, I just want to say a huge thank you to Cuddy for all his help in making me become the best version of myself. After only 3 sessions I feel so much happier and free from all my anxious thoughts. I didn’t think it was possible to feel this happy again but speaking with cuddy really changed my way of thinking. I feel more confident which really helped with a job interview which i was successful in.  I cannot recommend him enough. I cant thank you enough! I now don’t have to suffer anymore! What a relief and my smile is most genuine its ever been!!!!!   Marnie, Fife, Mother

Mother / Fife

2020 was a tough one for me, 2021 will be better thanks to Monkey Mind Relaxation coaching

Realising you need help can be one of the hardest things you do, these past few months have been brutal for me with loosing my job/career I loved for over 25 years and dealing with grief, among a lot of other emotions.
Honestly trying to hold everything together and make out to the world I was coping, trying to please so many people, when  deep down I was struggling big time,
I had lost my  self confidence and self belief big time and while I was trying to show the world I was Mrs confident on the outside I was struggling emotionally big time,  Reaching out to Cuddy was the best thing I have ever done and I cannot thank you enough for taking time out to support me and show my new ways of coping with my confidence/self belief issues,
its not easy asking for help, however its the most positive thing I have done this year,
Cuddy was so supportive and positive and listened to me, he never gave me the answers but made me look at myself in different ways and appreciate the things I could not change,  I cannot believe the difference in such a short space of time, I feel for the very first time I know who I am and I am no longer worrying about other peoples perceptions of me are as I cannot change them,   I am now looking after my own wellbeing and concentrating on being the best version of myself, I am not ashamed I asked for help and would encourage  anyone who feels they are struggling to reach out to Cuddy,
He is non judgemental and will not stop till you are where you need to be.
Thank you so much and I will never forget everything you have done for me.

NHS Receptioist / Edinburgh

The hardest thing was actually saying I needed help, is the best thing I ever did. I can move forward with a positive mindset

It's a hard thing to admit you need help. Your close friends can talk things through with you, comment, be helpful, but they don't have the techniques that professionals have to help you move forward. Cuddy totally has my back. Just when you don't think you have much else to add or say he simply reassures you, makes you feel relaxed and you find yourself realising you have so much more to say. I look after my Mum with Mixed Dementia. I'm not coping very well. I am trying to run a business too. I cannot thank Cuddy and his genius insight to help me get my head sorted. I have work to do but he single handily made me realise how I CAN improve my little world. He is quite simply brilliant ?

Entertainer & Manager / London

Only one Session My confidence changed with Monkey Mind Coaching session

"Going into the session with Cuddy I was a bit hesitant as I have previously had counselling / therapy and it made me very uneasy. However, Cuddy lead the conversation by asking just the right questions and from there I couldn’t stop talking. I cried a little and felt a massive relief flood over me when talking through things that seem too silly to talk to others about. Once I was done talking Cuddy helped me put a plan into action on how I can tackle those behaviours and make changes to them from negative into positive ones. The Whole session with Cuddy and I only needed one was a really great and positive experience and now I use what I learnt with Cuddy everyday and this has led to me landing a great new job and feeling more comfortable with who I am and my self-confidence is where I want it to be!. Cuddy is very skilled at what he does, and I would highly recommend him and Monkey Mind Coaching to all my friends and family".
Gemma, Digital Marketing,

Digital Marketing / Dundee

I got new perspective and solutions to my challenges, now I’m no longer overwhelmed and I’m more positive for my family

I knew a little bit about CBT before I started working with Cuddy. I also had some ideas about what I wanted to work on and what I was struggling with. Our conversations really helped me to get a different perspective on things and to identify the unhelpful thoughts I was having. Cuddy didn’t give me the answers but by talking and exploring I was able to find these for myself. I realised I could apply what I was doing successfully in other areas of my life. Cuddy gave me ideas and strategies to use to enable change to start happening. I was amazed at how quickly he was able to make sense of what I was saying and identify what the issues for me really were. By really getting to the bottom of what was going on, I was able to work out solutions that were far more likely to work. At the end of each session I felt positive and optimistic and ready to try out my strategies. I can now see superficial difficulties as just that and not as some fundamental problem that is insurmountable. I no longer feel overwhelmed as I have the skills and strategies to face the things that I find difficult. As a result of our sessions I now feel so much lighter, happier and at ease.

Social Worker / Balckpool

I could’nt say no and was exhausted and really unhappy, until I worked with Cuddy Cudworth and monkey mind relaxation coaching

There are not enough words to thank you for how much you have changed my life through controlling my thought process and how I react to everyday challenges.
I couldn't believe in 4 sessions with you, how it stopped me feeling enabled to have to be there for everyone else and that you gave me the tools on how to cope.
              Your analogy of being like a Jenga puzzle really hit home to me. I was letting people take a piece of me at a time until my Jenga puzzle collapsed.
I now stop and think about letting pieces of my puzzle be taken from me because of the consequences to myself.
              So I now feel empowered, in control both mentally and physically. So thank you to Monkey Mind Relaxation and to you Cuddy. I cannot give enough praise and encouragement to how the sessions changed my outlook on life.
              I highly recommend anyone having problems to reach out and learn how to move forward with investing in yourself and the help of Cuddy Cudworth.


Getting over, overthinking, new mindset with Monkey mind coaching

“Thank you – Cuddy for introducing me to techniques for letting go of the past (focussing on my daughter), reducing my mind set that can make an everyday issue a catastrophe when it isn’t, focussing on a 1 % improvement is actually ok and that chasing perfection is just reducing my happiness and above all being kinder to myself and  my immediate family unit will make a happier and nicer person. I’m not where I want to be all of the time, but you have helped me to appreciate that it’s ok to be like that… small improvements are the key”     Mike, Charity Event Organizer, Northumberland, England. --   Thanks for all your help…   Mike

Charity Event Management Organizer

I was facing work place burnout, Monkey Mind Relaxation Coaching got me through, Thank You

Prior to having discussion with Cuddy Cudworth, I struggled with lack of self belief, but a lot of the emotions I struggled with from beliefs that I had learnt as a child and Cuddy helped me develop ways of thinking and ultimately belief within myself. This time has helped me re-evaluate and move forward in a positive way that will help with whatever the future throughs at me. It’s always good to allow yourself time to stop and reflect, remembering every day is a school day whatever our age, there is always something new to add to your toolbox of life skills. Sometimes we just need to keep perspective, but mindful that life can feel quite overwhelming at times but by speaking to Cuddy you are pressing the reset button. Cuddy takes a very straight forward but professional approach which I would recommend. We all need a bit of help at times and by allowing yourself to admit this it’s the first step to improving your situation but with Cuddy’s help you will get there in a controlled way.

Louise, Northumberland, UK
Nurse / NHS

I have a new life now, thanks to Monkey Mind Relaxation Coaching no more social anxiety for me!

Before working with Cuddy I was nervous and anxious as I hated talking and meeting new people. After just the first session I was starting to feel the benefits and starting to feel the positives for the future. The four sessions I had was a big success and I can't believe the progress we made. Before my sessions I really struggled to control my anxiety especially social anxiety. I'd panic when having to answer the phone, going into the shop or generally just meeting new people. It made my heart race, give me a sore head, shakes and sheer panic. I found it extremely hard to accept past events in my life which I once thought was near impossible to talk about until I started working with Cuddy and feeling so relieved being able to talk about these. I'm very happy with how the sessions went and couldn't have asked for a better more understanding coach. Cuddy Cudworth really found the root of all issues and gave me some incredible coping strategies which I'll add, I still use today and would be lost and back to square one without them. My daily day to day life is so much calmer and relaxed. I now know how to work through all negative thoughts and how to challenge the odd anxious feeling. I'm always smiling and looking for the positive in every situation. My confidence has went from rock bottom to sky high and I have no one to thank apart from Cuddy. He truly is amazing at what he does and I would recommend anyone who needs the extra support to get in contact.

Chelsea, 18, Northern Ireland

Struggling with PDST

Hi Cuddy, I would like to thank you for introducing me to the concept and practice of Money Mind Relaxation on the recent cruise to the US. As someone who has grappled with the challenges of PTSD for many years, my monkey was never short of topics to discuss, and often at inopportune moments.

As part of my healing journey I conducted research into PTSD and ultimately wrote a book about it, which helped me and many others understand the causes and symptoms of the condition.

However, it was only after listening to your talks and practicing the monkey mind techniques that I got to the realisation that I was allowing negative thoughts to invade and control my life, and I have the power to change this.

Since getting home after the cruise, mind relaxation and meditation has become a part of my daily routine before going to work. I have not only noticed significant changes within myself, but also in how others perceive me. I feel like I have found the missing piece of a puzzle and look forward to the next stage of my journey with renewed enthusiasm. Thank you.

Clive Holt
Ex Military / Perth, Austrailia

Game Changer

Monkey mind well what can I say? I got introduced to this concept on my last cruise September 26th. I did 3 out of the 4 seminars that Cuddy put on during the voyage. In myself my monkey mind was saying this won't work don't be stupid but from the very 1st minute that Cuddy start to speak I had a massive grin on my face and turned to my wife and said that's me.

Once the mediation started things changed my mind was clear thoughts were positive. But then my monkey mind was saying it's the deluxe drinks package making you feel like that. So now we have been home a few weeks and I try to do at least 45 mins to an hour a week meditation.

My immediate family noticed I was as stressed I was more patient and most of all nicer to be around. Now for the in-laws they have commented on how chilled I am and relaxed . But the biggest test was my sister who before we went away rang me to see if I was okay because during her last visit she said I was looking very stressed and agitated. I have seen her for the first time since my cruise and she said my god you look better what's happened.

My reply was no one is stealing my sausage anymore Thanks Cuddy Cudworth

Keith Endecott - Jones

Outstanding Support From Cuddy Cudworth

My 14 year-old son struggling at school and home with anger issues and finding himself easily led and too frequently influenced by others I knew I needed to consider external support. My son and I participated in several Monkey Mind relaxation sessions and both finding these beneficial we spoke about CBT as further support.A period of CBT was arranged and despite his initial apprehension my son found Cuddy engaging, friendly and approachable. He looked forward to his weekly appointment and the positivity he displayed following his chat was noticeable.In a relatively short period of time my son has learnt to appreciate the trigger points that cause his aggressive outbursts as well as his worries and his concerns. He understands he’s to work at overcoming the situations in which he finds himself but he know has the tools to help with this. In Cuddy he also has a professional and more importantly a friend he can turn to if needed. I would have no hesitation in turning to Cuddy for support myself or entrusting him to help those I care for.Thanks for all your help.

DC Anthony SHAW / Vulnerability / Specialist Crime
Police Officer / Specialist Crime / UK Police force

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