Monthly Positive Mindset Coaching Course

Limited spaces every month for an intimate coaching experience.

With a positive mindset, you can reduce overthinking, constant negative self-talk and so much more.

Every Month, we conduct a positive Mindset Coaching Course

With a positive mindset, you can over come negative thoughts, over thinking, worry about what others think of us and an overall increase in Self Confidence. its in four parts and you get coached live and with others every session live via Zoom.

“iT’s not me, it’s everyone else”

Have you ever said, “I’m fine! If everyone would just leave me alone, I’d be fine! We often blame others for how we feel. It creates a negative mindset. Thinking “What does everyone think of me” leads to more thoughts, often leaving us frozen and paralysed with our thinking. We often asked questions like, “Is it just me? Am I broken? Do I need fixing?”

You don’t need fixing. You’re not broken. Whatever has happened in your past, be it trauma, bad experiences or just realising a constant cycle of negative thoughts and asking, “When will it ever stop?”. Well, it stops when you say, “No more!” and take back control of your thoughts and your monkey mind. Your monkey mind has probably already started forming those negative limiting beliefs and feelings of not being good enough or worthy of stepping out of your comfort zone.

With the monthly Monkey Mind Relaxation Positive Mindset course, you can learn how to:

~ overcome negative thinking

~ stop overthinking

~ decrease anxiety

~ understand your fears and negative values

~ change your thinking

~ create a positive focus

~ control your mindset

You decide how your day is going to be – that’s right, its actually your choice!

Session 1: Who am I and why does everyone piss me off so much?

We work on ourselves by identifying who we are and what our core values are. Working on reducing negative thinking, we define our morning mindset affirmations and set ourselves up every morning for daily with a positive frame of mind.

Session 2: Why do I always sabotage my happiness? The power of gratitude

Simply put, we uncover our unconscious negativity bias. We all have it and it’s exhausting. We have limiting beliefs that stop us moving forward. We create negative stories in our minds so we don’t achieve success, or let ourselves be happier. I’m not selling you happiness, because you’re already happy – you just don’t know it yet! We all have fears and you can overcome them by first of all acknowledging these thoughts and beliefs and letting them go.

We practice a gratitude journal and turn our mind into a happiness seeking machine.

Session 3: Who’s in control – me or my monkey?

We deep dive our emotions and find out who’s in control. Your monkey is the emotional side of your brain. It also explains why we act the way we do, while also learning how to reframe our perspective; to make it positive from every negative experience we’ve had. By reframing your perception and creating a different meaning, you can change the way you see the world and create a more positive mindset, eliminating anxiety and depression.

You’ll learn the art of:

~ creating positive habits

~ deconstructing negative habits

Session 4: Letting go of judgment of yourself and others and learning how to switch your thinking

In the final session of this highly recommend course, you’ll learn how to change your thinking patterns, set expectations and work on reducing overwhelm. We’ll finish off with:

~ reducing judgment of yourself and others

~ understanding the fear zone and getting past it

Silver package is £147

Spaces are limited so book in as quickly as possible

If you want the Gold package, you can include a full session of coaching and a personal one-on-one chat with me as your Coach. You’ll get support to get you past your limiting stressful, anxious or depression-based beliefs to move you past whatever may be stopping you from moving forward.

Gold package is £237 per person

Upgrade to the Platinum VIP Package with follow up and extra one-on-one private coaching for £497

When you upgrade to the VIP Package, you get 5 sessions of one-on-one coaching on deep diving into many aspects of your goals and support you in achieving them. You will get the ultimate coaching experience to get you back on track and focused on your future with a positive, clear mindset. Altogether, a happier mindset equals a happier you.


I wanted to thank Cuddy Cudworth for leading the group Monkey Mind Positive Mindset coaching course I participated in recently.  Over the course of 4 weeks Cuddy helped us tap into our individual values, set short and long term goals and encouraged us to banish limiting beliefs and form positive habits.

I particular found the individual 1-2-1 zoom session with Cuddy extremely beneficial.  We discussed my frustration at having been overlooked for promotion at work a number of times which had knocked my confidence and led me to form limiting beliefs about my abilities in my work role.  Cuddy challenged those limiting beliefs and suggested positive strategies that I have utilised and have given me a confidence boost in my work and made me a much happier person as a result.

I also enjoyed the group exercises that challenged us to tap into who we really are and what we can do to make real positive change in our lives.  Sometimes the questions weren’t easy to answer but we had support every step of the way from fellow delegates and in particular, Cuddy as our facilitator.

I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to trade negative habits for positive ones and banish limiting beliefs.  Having a positive mindset is life changing and I would like to thank Cuddy for providing the course which came along for me at the right time.


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